Advantages of Minimalist Living

Advantages of Minimalist Living
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First, let’s define the key benefits that minimalism offers. You’ll be much more likely to have a strong desire to abide by the principles of minimalism if you can see its advantages.

Minimalism Benefit 1: You’ll Spend Less Money

When a major goal of your lifestyle is to have less stuff, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll spend less money on goods, products, or services. With the internet at our fingertips, it can sometimes be difficult to curb our spending. There is technology widely available that will allow you to order literally anything that you want without even turning on your computer or laptop. Purchase through technology has never been easier, and accessibility and ease of purchase will keep on improving.

Rather than looking to purchase goods the easiest way you can, by adopting a minimalist lifestyle, you’ll learn to value what you already own. What’s more, when you spend less money, there is less upkeep for the goods that you have in your possession. This will result in less maintenance, less stress, and less clutter. Another common idea is that if you make more money, all of your financial problems will go away.

Yet when you chase more money, your consumption often increases. One day you’ll look around and think that you have it all; a large house, a fancy car, and lots of stuff that fits inside your lovely consumption-driven life. What you’ll most likely be missing is substance and a sense of joy. Don’t allow consumer cravings to dominate your lifestyle. Spend less, own fewer tangible goods, and lead the happiest life that you can. It’s that simple.

Minimalism Benefit 2: Less Stress in Your Life

Personally, this next benefit was even more of a reason to become a minimalist than was being able to save money. Stress can cause a wide range of physical ailments. What’s more, clutter in the home is known to shift our attention away from what we are truly trying to focus on. We have enough stressors in our life; we don’t need our stuff to create more reasons to worry. If you want to test out this theory, try this small experiment. Find a couple of messy countertops in your home. Next, take the time to clean off just one of them.

After you’ve done this, look at each countertop separately and gauge your internal reaction to each one. It’s probably not surprising that you’ll find that the clean countertop provides you with a sense of calm, while the messy countertop registers as a stressor in your brain and body. These reactions are almost embedded in us. Recognizing this will help you to realize how clutter can limit your attention span and limit what you can accomplish on a daily basis.

Minimalism Benefit 3: Cleanliness

When there’s less stuff around, you’ll find that your immediate area is more easily kept clean and fresh. No one likes to live in mess. One of the easiest ways to get rid of unnecessary goods is to target your decorations, bookshelves, and supplemental furnishings. When you clear these products off your bookshelves and coffee tables, you’ll notice how much dust has accumulated in only a short period of time. Here’s another example. Have you ever been guilty of putting an item of clothing in the washer simply because you found it on the floor? While you know that there’s a chance that it’s clean, you’re not sure.

You don’t want to wear dirty clothing, so you decide to wash it to be on the safe side. Deep down, you know that this is a wasteful habit. Perhaps if you had less clothing, you would be able to keep your closet tidier and thus would have more room in it. Less items of clothing would fall to the floor. These are the types of organizational benefits that minimalism offers, and they lead to a simpler way of life.

Minimalism Benefit 4: Paying Respect to Mother Nature

now I will simply state: if you are an environmentally conscious person, you have yet another reason to be excited about minimalism. As previously mentioned in this book, millennials in particular are eager to act in ways that are responsible and environmentally safe. Consuming less has far reaching results, including less packaging, less plastic, and cleaner air. You can contribute to these types of initiatives by pledging yourself to the minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalism Benefit 5: Doing More

Another benefit of becoming a minimalist is that you will be more productive in your daily life by owning less stuff. Think about it. How much time do you currently spend cleaning the stuff that you own? How about repairing expensive stuff that breaks, or shopping so that you can keep up with the demands of your current lifestyle? We’re not finished yet. After you purchase, repair, and clean this stuff, how much time does it take for you to organize it properly? When you have less stuff, you’ll have more time to devote to meaningful and important tasks. These should be aligned with your goals. Too often, people are caught up with thinking that being “productive” means accomplishing mundane things on a day-to-day basis.

Minimalism Benefit 6: The Ability to Endorse Quality over Quantity

More is not better. A key mantra of minimalism is that you can enhance the quality of the products that you do own through the adoption of a minimalist lifestyle. Let’s take our clothes as an example. It’s likely that your closet is full of clothing that you seldom wear.

Many of your clothes may only be worn occasionally. A minority of clothing will be your favorites that you wear frequently. Why bother holding onto the clothes that you don’t wear very often? Another way to look at the idea that quality is better than quantity is to think about how much money you’re spending. If instead of purchasing thirty shirts, you may only purchase ten because you know that you’ll only wear ten shirts consistently.

This means that you’ll have more money to spend on each individual piece of your wardrobe. When you restructure your budget in this manner, the quality of your clothing will improve. By endorsing the idea that quality is more important than quantity, you’ll be the best dressed minimalist for miles.

Minimalism Benefit 7: Access Your Stuff More Easily

When you have less stuff cluttering your life, you’re able to find everything more easily. In addition, when all of your possessions have been given a predetermined home, you’re less likely to lose them. If you’re like me, you have found yourself running around looking for your keys, your wallet, or other important stuff just minutes before you’re planning to head out the door. When your important stuff is unaccounted for, you’re more likely to run late for work or be late for meetings.

No one wants to be known as the “late friend”, but many people live their lives accepting this to be their fate. Having less allows you to organize more effectively than you otherwise would, and this provides you with the ability to be prompt for any social or business engagement.

Minimalism Benefit 8: Less Stuff to Sift through in the Future

When you take the time to do away with your excess, you are saving your loved ones from the burden of sifting through your stuff when you’ve passed on. If you’ve ever buried a family member or someone close to you, and then had the responsibility of going through their belongings, you know that this can be a truly painful process. When you’re going through this process, it’s common to think about what goods this person considered important. When you take the time to minimize the amount of stuff that you have, you are making it easier for your loved ones to figure out what you valued and found important while you were living.

If you’re young, this entire notion may seem a bit absurd, but this benefit of interacting with minimalism now instead of later will provide you with insight into how your actions can influence people you care about[ 9]. On a less morbid note, this benefit applies to your future, living self as well— if you have less stuff now, when you shift apartments, move to another place, or travel out of the country, the process is so much simpler and easier to manage.

Key highlights from this post:

* Before delving into adopting a minimalist lifestyle, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of this way of life.

* The many advantages that minimalism can provide include more conservative spending, less stress, a greater sense of environmental awareness, house cleanliness, and greater consideration for your family and friends in the future.

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