General Decluttering Strategy: Take Five Minutes a Day

General Decluttering Strategy - Take Five Minutes a Day
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Decluttering does not have to take over your entire life. It should be a process. If you’re looking to truly change your outlook on life, you should gradually move towards minimalism rather than speed towards it and risk becoming disillusioned. Taking five minutes per day to do something towards a minimalist result will keep your minimalist goals fresh and current. You may be wondering about some of the activities that you can do for five minutes per day. Here are some suggestions:

1. Start a “clearing” zone for yourself. This is a small space that you commit to keeping clean every day. For example, you may commit to a small counter in the kitchen that is always going to be clean no matter what. Every day, you make sure that this counter is tidy and neat.Once you’ve accomplished this task, broaden your clearing zone to include a wider area. This means that if you’ve chosen a small area of a counter to keep clean, you widen the area to include the entire counter, or pick two counters that you will vow to keep clean.

As you get better at doing this, you can keep widening your clearing zone. One day, you may look around and notice that your clearing zone has become your whole house! This is the ultimate goal.

2. Remove everything from one of your drawers. Another great five-minute task is to remove everything from one drawer. After you’ve taken everything out, sort through all of this stuff and see what you are going to keep in; what you’re going to keep but needs to find a new home; and what you’re going to throw away. Unless the drawer that you pick is large, this task should only take about five minutes.

3. Enjoy the Progress that You’ve Made. If you’re implementing one of these five-minute decluttering tasks each day, make sure that you notice the good work that you’ve done. Where is the pleasure in doing something if you don’t take the time to enjoy it? Perhaps one day, your five-minute task is to simply take five minutes to appreciate the progress that you have made towards your ultimate minimalist goals and intentions.

Doing this will help to keep you focused, as well as provide you with motivation to keep moving ahead.

4. Schedule a Decluttering Weekend for Yourself. I would encourage you to start using a calendar if you’re not doing so already. And then find a weekend in the next two to three weeks that looks open. Schedule this weekend to be a time when you do nothing but declutter and relax. When you do finally take the weekend to declutter, make sure that you’re not stressed out.

The other steps in this book will help you to feel prepared for the decluttering tasks that are at your disposal.

5. Load Your Car Up for a Cause. Take five minutes and fill your car up with your old stuff that you’re going to donate to a charity of your choice. Doing this will not only help to declutter your house; it will also make you feel good. It’s important to note that this task may take multiple five-minute periods, because you’re going to have to first choose what you’re going to donate before you pile it into your car.

Again, when you donate your stuff, the result is that you feel less guilty about getting rid of it because you know that it’s going to someone who needs it more than you do.

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