Techniques to properly organize the bedroom according to minimalist principles

Techniques to properly organize the bedroom according to minimalist principles
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Bedroom Decluttering Tip 1: Utilize the Storage Space Under Your Bed

There are two ways that you can utilize the space under your bed. The first is to get flat, plastic containers that can easily slide underneath it. The other, perhaps better, option is to purchase a bedframe that already contains drawers. These bedframes are durable, and come in various colors that can complement the rest of your room. These drawers usually come in sets of four or six, depending on the type of bedframe you get. You may wish to start off with the affordable plastic containers, and once you’ve worked out a proper system of using the space beneath your bed, consider upgrading to bedframes. Either option will help you organize your clothes, shoes, and other material goods in the bedroom.

Bedroom Decluttering Tip 2: Find the Right Hamper

This decluttering tip alludes to your clothing. Always remember— if you can organize all your clothes and take a minimalist view towards clothing, you’ll end up decluttering the majority of your bedroom in the process. Keeping track of your laundry and dirty clothes is vital to having a minimalist bedroom. Sometimes we might overlook the importance of a hamper, and even if there is one, it keeps being moved every other day. In some households, the hamper can sometimes be found in the bedroom, but it tends to be moved to the laundry area and then back again into the bedroom. One of the best ways to make sure that your hamper works for your individual bedroom space is to first choose the right type of hamper. A laundry basket is not the same as a hamper; however, many of us might think that a laundry basket is a good enough substitute. Instead of only using a laundry basket to meet your hamper needs, consider purchasing something more formal.

For example, items that can hold two bags worth of your laundry will allow you the opportunity to have one bag that you use for your current laundry, while the other is used when you’re washing from the first bag’s pile. This ensures you keep track of your clean and dirty clothes and have a system to make it happen smoothly. You could also consider purchasing a hamper that looks like a cabinet or a drawer. These types pull outward to reveal a canvas bag where your laundry can go. This way, your dirty clothing is completely out of sight, and in the process, your bedroom looks cleaner and more peaceful.

This type of hamper is, of course, a bit pricier, so the advice again is to start off with a simple hamper, and develop a system that works for you. If it does, think about upgrading to the hamper that looks like a closet or a drawer to suit your aesthetic needs.

Bedroom Decluttering Tip 3: Utilize Trays Trays

are one of the best possible tools for organizing your belongings. Trays can be used for certain items that you don’t want to always keep out of sight or tucked away in storage, but to have them accessible. These items are usually things that you need handy, but tend to create an awful lot of mess. These include things like your everyday hair gels, quick and essential makeup items, deodorants, combs, safety pins, watches, and even spare change.

Organizing materials that you always need easy access to, but which tend to get scattered, is a problem that can be resolved with trays. If you like having a glass of water next to the bed or you like to read a book before turning in, then a tray items might be useful at your bedside table. Its purpose is to corral the clutter; it’s as simple as that. Consider purchasing trays that are not only functional but also look good when organized properly.

Bedroom Decluttering Tip 4: Bins

If you’re not quite sold on the tray idea, then consider bins instead. Bins are great for two reasons. The first is that they can go underneath your bedside table or can add a nice look to a dresser that is under-utilized. The second reason is that you can usually find bins that look nice. They aren’t plastic and gaudy; rather, they can easily complement the overall look and feel of your space. They can come in a variety of wood-toned colors, and in various sizes. This will make it easier for you to decorate while you declutter. If you can make your space look good, at the same time as declutter, and get more organized, it’s a win-win.

Bedroom Decluttering Tip 5: Hanging Shoes on the Back of Your Bedroom Door

Another bedroom decluttering tip I’ll offer is to utilize the space behind your bedroom door to store shoes. Of course, if you already have enough room in your bedroom closet to store your shoes on the floor, that may be enough space. If you decide to purchase a shoe rack for the back of your bedroom door, they’re really quite affordable. It is probably best that you only store running shoes, flats, and other casual shoes that do not have a heel. If you put heeled shoes on the rack, there is a chance that they will scuff the wall behind the door. It’s a great place to also store items like umbrellas, and items used to take care of shoes, like shoe shines, shoe brushes, etc.

Bedroom Decluttering Tip 6:Get rid of Excess Furniture

I’ve personally incorporated this into my bedroom recently. I thought, what must I have in this room to keep me going? And I created a list. I have a bed, and two small bedside tables, one for my side and one for my partner’s, where we keep our books, phone chargers, and lamps. I also have a closet, but it’s flat and wide, and built on to one side of the wall. We chose this option because once you close the closet doors, you can’t tell it’s there. That’s it! We got rid of a small coffee table we had but never used, and ended up dumping spare change and small items on.

We got rid of a couple of chairs that we didn’t use much. So now, the room looks like it just has a clean bed, with bedside tables. And, if you look closely, a closet on the side. The first morning we woke up after making this change, it felt absolutely incredible. The openness of the room, and therefore a feeling of calm and peace, were really overwhelming. When we get to bed at night, it also feels peaceful. When we had all the other furniture, the space looked small and cluttered, but the minute we got rid of it, we felt peace. So, this is the best piece of advice— have as little in the room as possible. It is the only room, after all, where you go to solely to relax and get prepared for the next day.

Key Highlights from this post:

* How to declutter your bedroom in ways that go beyond the bedroom closet.

* The reason why investing in a quality hamper is important to achieving your overall decluttering goals.

* How you can use the space underneath your bed in the best way possible.

* Ways that you can utilize trays and bins that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

* Get rid of any furniture you don’t use regularly, opt for a clean, empty, and spacious bedroom for your peace of mind.

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